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Answering these questions is a huge help for us in assessing your project needs. We will then be able to put the correct information package together for you to review upon our site visit.

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your pool & hot tub experts

The staff at Vantage Pools and Spas Inc have over 30 years experience in pool building; our installer has 30 years worth of satisfied happy clients that are eager to show off their Vantage Pool.

We are a family business and believe that good business means building relationships. Our friendly professional staff is always happy to help with your pool & hot tub needs whether it’s through our social media, in your backyard, or in our retail store here in Langley. Our office staff is always willing to answer whatever questions you can throw at us.

We also have a service department that can do the work that you don’t want to.You can feel confident knowing that the expertise of Vantage Pools and Spas is available to you before, during and after your pool or spa installation.

Serving Langley, Maple Ridge and Surrey BC regions for over 30 years!

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Pool & Hot Tub pumps Langley/Surrey
Pool & Hot Tub covers Langley/Surrey
Pool & Hot Tub chemicals Langley/Surrey
Pool slides Langley/Surrey
Pool renovations Langley/Surrey
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and much much more....

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