The Total Purity System for Hot Tubs
October 31/2019

All hot tub owners are looking for a simple way to have clean safe water with minimal chemicals. Clearwater Spas has developed a unique system to provide the best water care possible.

The patent-pending Total Purity System™ represents the apex of spa cleaning technology. Combining four of the world’s leading water technologies with our exclusive dual filtration system, the Clearwater TPS™ is the pinnacle of easy spa maintenance. TPS™ is effective and reliable, and is designed to cover the broadest spectrum of contaminants of any system available on the market today. With correct operation, TPS™ will drastically reduce the need for costly chlorine or bromine, and offers the smallest chlorine residual of any water treatment system available on the market today. TPS™ helps eliminate red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, and the odor of chemicals. TPS™is a spa cleaning system that creates a virtually chemical-free spa. TPS™ transforms your spa into an oasis of mineral
pure water naturally!


Copper/Silver Ionization System: Mineral Purification System™ purifies water via natural mineral ionization,
which is known to inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria. It is also proven to reduce the presence of existing
algae and bacteria levels in water. It uses safe & natural minerals to help purify your water. In fact, NASA was
first to harness what nature already knew, and designed a silver-ionization system for use in space missions.
It is a well-documented fact that copper-ions help control algae, and silver-ions help control bacteria & viruses.
The ions produced by the TPS™ remain in the water providing a residual protection. A simple test kit is included
with the TPS™ to maintain the proper copper-ion level.

Clear Balance Conditioner System™: This system utilizes 2000 gauss magnetic strength, operates automatically,
continuously and permanently, using no external power source and has no moving parts to wear out, balancing
the water condition naturally. As water molecules pass through the powerful and highly focused magnetic field,
two things occur: Molecules polarize (organize), giving water a net positive (+) charge. This water restructuring
results in several noticeable benefits: reduced eye and skin irritation, reduced chemical odors, and better feeing
water. By removing ugly scale, spa equipment is better protected from corrosion, allowing your heater to operate
at peak efficiency. This treatment also reduces the range of the water pH, making it less sensitive to purity shift.
By Utilizing the power of nature, Clear Balance is a truly green and sustainable technology.

Germicidal UV: Ultraviolet Sterilization is created by passing water over a focused wavelength ultraviolet (UV)
lamp (~254 nm wavelength). These specific UV light rays used to sanitize water are EPA-approved devices.
Germicidal light rays alter or disrupt the DNA / RNA of microorganisms including algae, bacteria, viruses,
mold, spores and protozoa when they pass through the UV chamber (effectively killing them). Chlorine
consumption is typically reduced by 90% while still maintaining a low free available chlorine residual.

Ozone Generator: Ozone is a gas that, when dissolved in water, kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys
organics, and breaks down chloramines via oxidation. This occurs immediately at the ozone gas injection
point, and continues through the main water return. A small residual (< 0.1 PPM) of dissolved ozone will
enter the spa, providing further oxidation of contaminants. Ozone is an EPA-approved antimicrobial oxidizer,
sanitizer and disinfectant, helping to rid the water of organic and inorganic contaminants, thereby
noticeably improving water clarity.

Note: TPS™ is a supplementary system and is intended for use with appropriate residual levels of EPAregistered
disinfecting chemicals. Specific residual levels of EPA-registered disinfecting chemicals may
be required by the regulatory agency having authority.

Why is it better? 
TPS helps eliminate red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, and the odor of chemicals. This system essentially transforms your spa into an oasis of mineral pure water. Why would you settle for anything less? Ask us about the best possible water care for your hot tub.

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