Get the most out of your pool this season with the use of our pool opening services performed by our trained professionals. Book a pool opening with our service department and let us do all the work to make your swimming pool ready for the summer! 

Book Swimming Pool Opening Service

Vantage Pools and Spas offers Gold, Silver or Bronze Pool opening packages for your to choose from.

Remove winter cover and water bags, wash down and roll up
Reconnect equipment
Install any piping/unions/ drain plugs, etc. from previous winterizing
One vacuuming to remove debris accumulated over winter (maximum 20 min)
Start-up pump, filter, heater
Test Water, Balance Water (chemical extra)
One ‘Shock’ to begin clearing

Same as Gold with exception of:
Customer to remove cover and water bags 
Vacuuming NOT included

Customer to bring in water sample for testing & apply necessary chemical
VANTAGE to start-up equipment: pump/filter/heater 
Vacuuming NOT included

Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system. 

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